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The rules which you should follow in order to be accepted by the running community

Marathon and other running events have official rules which you can easily access and get familiar with if you are new t running. But there are certain unwritten rules which you should know about if you are about to join the growing family of runners around the world. These rules will help you fit in better among other runners:

  1. Be careful about where your snot or spit will go when running. Look around you and behind you before blowing snot out or spitting.
  2. Don’t carry a load of coins in your pocket especially if you are part of a running group. The annoying sound will become unbearable to others after the first few miles.
  3. Don’t give out TMI. Yep, if you are close to your running buddies and when running in groups it is OK to share some personal stuff such as passing gas, urinating, smelling or others, but don’t get too much into the details because frankly no one feels like listening to this sort of thing!
  4. Move to the right before stopping during a run or race. Whatever the reason you have for stopping – make sure you get out of the way of other runners behind you.
  5. Remember to turn the treadmill off after you are done with it in the gym. Yes, this seems obvious, and yet some people forget which can be dangerous to others.
  6. Having in mind the previous tip – always make sure that the treadmill is off before getting on it.
  7. Nod or say “hi” to other runners you pass by.
  8. Don’t talk too much about running to your non-running friends, because it can become very irritating after a while.
  9. Run toward the traffic if you are a road runner. This will allow you to see and avoid any incoming traffic on your side of the lane.
  10. If you take your dog for a run with you – keep it on a leash to prevent other runners from tripping on it.
  11. If you happen to pass gas while you are running – have the courtesy of warning your running pals behind you.
  12. Take it easy. Unless you are a professional runner – just take it easy.
  13. Quit complaining and moaning while running – the others are tired and want to be done as well.
  14. Quit bragging about your personal records to others.
  15. Avoid judging other runners based on their running style, their speed, their running shoes and apparel or by anything else. You can judge them if they trip you, spit on you or fart right in front of you though…

Just like in life, in running there are certain rules which are not written down but are rather a matter of common sense. Running is like that too. Make sure you are considerate of the others around you when you are running and you can expect the same kind of attitude from them towards you. Unless you prefer running alone, you will need to start adhering to these and other rules if you want to be accepted in your running group, by other runners on your route or your competition at your next race

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