Running and living a fit and active lifestyle

Set realistic targets to drastically improve your exercise rates

People who are obese, or suffer from health problems due to a sedentary lifestyle should start small and gradually increase their activity level according to experts.

This is the healthier way to deal with the extra weight and all health issues which accompany this problem and the lack of activity, rather than jump into an intensive exercise program such as straight to the activity levels recommended by the health authorities.

A research done by a team from the Georgia Institute of Technology has found that even a small increase in the activity is better than none whatsoever.

The guidelines recommended by the health authorities include 30 minutes of physical activity for at least five days of the week, which leads to a total of 150 minutes of exercise per week for a healthier lifestyle. But for inactive people, to suddenly begin following these recommendations could be excruciating and even impossible. This may lead to frustration and giving up on the entire idea of living a healthier and more active lifestyle, which is why the research team recommends that people who want to improve their wellbeing and health and start leading a more active lifestyle should start small. Baby steps are what it takes in order to start making a difference. The gradual increase of physical activity will make it easier on the physique and the psyche of a person who is used to an inactive lifestyle. Plus, by tracking the overall progress, people are more likely to stay motivated to improve their health and wellbeing, and progress will be seen once a person starts moving and exercising regularly.

The research team found that the common perception of “all or nothing” is particularly true for this case. People who want to begin living a healthier lifestyle may jump into the new way of living with too many expectations, which they probably will find difficult to meet. Not being able to keep up with the overly-ambitious plans and goals could lead to frustration and giving up altogether.

Another research from France’s Toulouse University Hospital has found that just walking for 74 minutes per week reduces the risk of death by a whole 19%. Of course, the more the exercising per week – the lower the risk of death by any given cause is, but the research team does suggest that doing some exercising is still much better than doing none at all.

Once a person who is used to leading a sedentary lifestyle starts adding a little exercise to their daily regimen, the body will become stronger and fitter – and thus the intensity of the exercises can be increase gradually without this causing too much of a strain or burden on the body and the person.

Plus, establishing a set routine with added exercises in it and getting used to it will definitely make adding more activities to one’s schedule much easier and much more tolerable.

The proper steps towards establishing a healthier and more active lifestyle is setting smaller and obtainable goals. Then choose the appropriate activity which you will enjoy the most such as taking small walks with friends, walking while talking on the phone, going to the store without a car, etc.

It is also essential to find well-fitting and comfortable running or walking shoes and other suitable training apparel and find a way to admit to yourself that you are doing the right thing and the changes you are making in your lifestyle are for the best! Even if you miss a day or two – do not give up. Choose the best time of the day for your exercising in accordance to your preferences too.

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