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Month: December 2017

How to stay away from running and sports related injuries

How to stay away from running and sports related injuries

Getting injured is most runners’ worst fear, especially when they have races planned ahead. Not only are they painful, but they require recovery and rest which can last for weeks and months. Of course, injuries can happen to just about anybody, but there are some […]

The rules which you should follow in order to be accepted by the running community

The rules which you should follow in order to be accepted by the running community

Marathon and other running events have official rules which you can easily access and get familiar with if you are new t running. But there are certain unwritten rules which you should know about if you are about to join the growing family of runners […]

What kind of mistakes you are making when buying running shoes

What kind of mistakes you are making when buying running shoes

Buying and wearing the wrong kind of running shoes can be a costly and painful experience. The fact is that there ae several common mistakes which people, especially those new to running make when purchasing running shoes. Here are six of the most common ones for road and trail running shoes:

  1. If the sneakers have Gore-Tex – your feet will never be wet again – mistake #1

This is a very common misconception among runners. Yes, Gore-Tex is a superb membrane which is designed and made to keep water out of the shoes, but what many people tend to forget is that the membrane is for keeping water out up to the ankle. Unfortunately nothing can stop the rain from pouring into your shoe from the top – by dripping down your legs onto your socks and then into your shoes as you run. What is worse is that once the water is inside your shoe, the Gore-Tex protective membrane will keep it from passing through the uppers of your shoes so you will end up running in puddles of water.

Also, although Gortex is advertised as breathable, keep in mind that it is a slow breathable one. So, if you are wearing Gore-Tex running shoes in hot weather you can be pretty sure that soon your feet will become all sweaty. Sweaty feet can lead to slipping as well as to blistering, not to mention the overall discomfort of having soaking wet feet while running.

Overall, Gore-Tex is a magnificent and efficient water proof membrane, but it is more suitable for hiking boots, work boots and not for running shoes.

  1. Big lugs on the outsoles are great for running – Mistake #2

Yes, having shoes which provide a superb grip on slippery, muddy and wet surfaces is great, so shoes with big lugs are a great option for trail running shoes. But if you are more of a road runner or walker, then getting a pair of these is absolutely unnecessary. The lugs will wear off very quickly on the pavement and the shoes will pretty soon become unusable. It is essential to keep in mind the terrain you will be running on when choosing running shoes – both for your comfort and safety as well as for the durability of the shoes too.

  1. The snug fit is great – Mistake #3

Get a proper fit. Measure both of your feet and get a size or half larger if necessary, in order to prevent your toes getting all crammed up and jammed in the tight toe box. Ensure that there is sufficient room for the toes – in between them and from the longest one to the front of your shoes. This is especially important for keeping your toes and feet from pain and discomfort during downhill running. This rule is important for trail running shoes. For road running, the uppers are usually soft and made of mesh so you can go with your own size if the shoes fit comfortably.

  1. You can wear your sneakers for 2 or more years – Mistake #4

Running shoes have their life span and depending on the intensity of your running they will get worn and need replacement after a certain mileage you have covered with them. Make sure you replace your running shoes periodically, because they will lose their proper fit, their responsiveness, cushioning and will stop serving the purpose of assisting your running. Also, worn shoes can cause mild to serious injuries and health problems too.

  1. I will get an universal pair of athletic shoes for everything – Mistake #5

This is a definite No-No! Different types of athletic shoes are designed for different types of sports and exercises, and using the wrong ones for running can ruin your performance and cause you discomfort and injuries. Wearing running shoes for other sports which require quick stopping, turning, side running can also harm your performance and cause injuries. Get running shoes for running and another pair for your other training sessions.

  1. You can get shoes which will prevent your toe nails from falling – Mistake #6

If you don’t take proper care to keep your toenails trimmed, get shoes with sufficient toe space and wear breathable socks with moisture wicking functions, then your toenails will very likely fall off if you run regularly.